Water resistance of watches is regulated as per DIN 8310, NIHS 92-20 and ISO 2281

These regulations apply only to new watches and for static conditions and tests. Although we use materials of highest quality, seal and washer materials may deteriorate over time

Please note that crown and pushers are not intended for use under water, as their seals may lose their function

All ADVOLAT watches have a water resistance of 5ATM or 10ATM; this corresponds to static water pressure at 50m or 100m below water surface respectively. This should be more than sufficient for the normal use of watches. We are not aware of any problems while washing hands, swimming, snorkeling or taking a shower. As a disclaimer, it should be mentioned that the dynamic pressure when taking a shower with very high water pressure or jumping into the water may be higher than the static pressure at 50m or 100m below water surface. Please note that all ADVOLAT watches ARE NOT divers' watches for deep diving

Though our valued customers have not reported any issues yet, extreme operating conditions and/or sudden changes of temperature may cause some temporary condensation effects within the watch, as even our unique timepieces are not exempt from the laws of physics

Last but not least we wish you lots of fun and satisfaction with our strictly limited and individually numbered quality timepieces. Just in case: if anything should go wrong, you can always contact us for our advice and help


email address: service@advolat.ch
phone number: +41 61 643 0556